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Press & Journal 10 November 2007

Debate on plight of the homeless Sir, - With interest I read your front-page article (the Press and Journal, November 7) on Eva Merz's Respect Real People stickers.

I have been following her project on the plight of homeless people since the beginning and can only recommend, for those who have not done so yet, to go out and buy a copy of her book.

The conversations in the book shed light on the life of homeless people in Aberdeen like no other. It is a real eye-opener for all of us who actually know very little about what living on the street really means.

It changes your perception once and for all and it is a big shame that your article had nothing better to comment on than the good old "bad use of public money" argument.

About a year ago, I was lucky enough to join a party that Eva Merz had organised at Aberdeen Cyrenians, where dozens if not hundreds of people from all walks of life, including homeless people and art lovers, celebrated the book launch.

What better way is there to spend art grants than creating such important debates in our society?

Claudia Zeiske, director, Deveron Arts, Brander Building, The Square, Huntly.