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YOU, ME, US & THEM - Women in Prison and Criminal Justice in Scotland

Interviews and photographs by Eva Merz

Published by The Glasgow School of Art, 2011

56 pages, 210x270 mm. ISBN 978-0-9567646-0-7

"Eva Merz's book 'You, Me, Us and Them' tackles the incredibly thorny issue of women in prison. In 2007, on an artist's residency in Tillydrone, Aberdeen, Merz got to know one of her neighbours, a heroin-addicted drug dealer. Through this personal friendship she followed her instinct and her nose into the justice system. Never judgemental, never hectoring but undoubtedly blistering at times - witness the anonymous ex-judge who fulminates against the stupidity of political rhetoric on crime - the book is eloquent testimony from the front line of suffering and chaos that drives women into prison and keeps them going back again and again."

Review by Moira Jeffrey in Scotland on Sunday, Jan 23, 2011

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