New Social Art School Projects - Looking Out for Aberdeen

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Monika Vykoukal, trying to communicate with the public... John Lewis department store, Spring 2006


Free postcards by Merz and Vykoukal

Aberdeen City and Shire - a Brighter Outlook' is the new official branding by the local Economic Forum, defining place for us.

A series of five postcards provide an alternative vision of Aberdeen.

They feature locals as well as their statements about the city. The photos are taken in front of the windows of a local department store, which advertises the 'Brighter Outlook' brand. Going beyond simple parody or criticism the cards show both positive and negative views. They reveal the genuine diversity of people out and about.

The official brand presents a unified, streamlined definition. By correcting this dominant image, New Social Art School is looking out for Aberdeen.

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postcard one

Aberdeen, whatever people say... it's all true.

postcard two

People seem to live in a fairy tale, Aberdeen is backwards.
Sean & Jade

postcard three

I live in the city and I've got the best of one world - mine.
Jim Ewen

postcard four

In Aberdeen there is a lot to be done, but it wears you out.
Monika Vykoukal

postcard five

You can't tell people what Aberdeen is like, they already know. You gotta work with the mindset.
Duncan Hart