New Social Art School People - Lindsay Gordon

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LINDSAY GORDON born in Kilmarnock, Scotland

Trained as an artist and art historian on Edinburgh University / College of Art's M.A. course and worked at the Open University in Milton Keynes, the Scottish Arts Council in Edinburgh and as an independent curator and exhibitions organiser in Glasgow before coming to Peacock in Aberdeen in 1998.

Involved in the New Social Art School, 2004-2010.

"Peacock visual arts is a centre for production and presentation of art, where artists engage with others to explore aspects of our world and to present the outcomes in new ways. Currently Lindsay is working on the development of a major new building in the centre of Aberdeen to house these activities and to provide a meeting place and forum for informative and challenging debate. The combination of socially engaged art practice, public participation and the opportunity for artists, academics, students, other professionals and the public to be involved in projects in a highly visible way will be unique in Scotland."