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Authors Eva Merz and Bob Steadman, Get a fucking job!

New Social Art School's first publication addresses the contentious issue of begging in the city of Aberdeen. These dialogues and interviews, these rarely heard voices from below - the street people tell it like it is, who they are, how they survive and how they perceive themselves in the city. By demystifying the begging scene and unveiling this obscured humanity through its humour as much as its tragedy, giving visibility to hidden discourses that we can all relate to, the authors have provided fresh understanding of the root causes of begging and related issues like homelessness, addiction problems and prostitution.

This important volume will doubtless stimulate reflection and debate at all levels and make required reading for all those engaged in the construction and implementation of meaningful, effective courses of transformative action. New Social Art School is forging paths across disciplinary boundaries, raising challenging questions about the critical role of socially committed artists in the 21st century, and the building of alternative platforms and networks through which they position their work and intervene in social contexts.

Alejandra Rodriguez-Remedi

Most of us, with jobs and homes to go to, walk past the beggars; either thinking "poor bastard" as we drop a few pennies or "get a fucking job" as we ignore them. Politicians may dream of criminalising them and clearing the streets of their distasteful presence. Some, less sanctimonious - or with stronger imaginations, shiver a little and think "there, but for the grace of God, go I."

Here the inhabitants of the 'underworld' speak directly to us; of their lives past and present and of their hopes and fears. What they have to say will not only touch you deeply, it will change the way you think forever about begging, homelessness, drug addiction and how society deals with these issues.

If you believe understanding is better than prejudice you need to read this book. Pure fucking brilliant!

Lindsay Gordon

Anyway, typing this stuff is educating me. I realise now that it's ok not to give the beggars money, and yesterday I gave one a warm winter coat and another one half of my lunch. Sometimes I just don't feel I've got the spare cash, but I always felt guilty about it, and sort of angry with them for making me feel guilty, so I'd just try to avoid looking at them. Now I know I can speak to them, or give them something else.

So this work of yours, this work is going to make a lot of people change their attitudes, believe me.

Jenny Lodge