New Social Art School People - Eva Merz

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EVA MERZ, born 1966 in Esbjerg, Denmark, lived and worked in Aberdeen, 2003-2007 and Glasgow, 2007-2011.

Founded the New Social Art School in 2004, launched the last project and publication: "You, Me, Us and Them" in Glasgow in January 2011 and moved back to Esbjerg.

"I grew up in a fishing town on the West coast of Jutland, Denmark, and trained as an advertising designer in my hometown before going to Norway to attend an art course and later work in a drug-rehab collective. In 1992 I moved to Copenhagen for an extended course at a photography school. Two years later I joined the Walk for Justice, a 3,800-mile spiritual walk across the US, led by American Indian Movement. Returning to Copenhagen I worked at a fish market for a couple of years and later started teaching photography, while keeping up a part-time arts practice, including book projects and exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

Moving to Scotland in 2003 I started publishing interviews, making public events and street art. In Aberdeen I got involved with other artists, skateboarders, street beggars and homeless people. In 2004 I founded Aberdeen Street Skaters and New Social Art School grew out of this initial collaboration. Since then I have worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, especially the other folk mentioned in the links, who are also my good friends."