New Social Art School Projects - Aberdeen Street Skaters

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Public Natter Montage

From the exhibition A.S.S. SHOWING OFF!

at Peacock Visual Arts, July 2004:

Aberdeen Street Skaters made the gallery into a buzzing meeting place and installation with skateboarding videos, art work, decks, special designed t-shirts, texts, documents and photographs.

We organised events in the gallery; a premier of the skateboarding film H'Min Bam by Alex Craig, a rock concert and a public discussion event about skateboarding. All extremely well attended. We also published the art zine CRAP AT ART.

Aberdeen Street Skaters became a great success. But after the show people were moving on; the chairman went to Canada, the vice-chairman moved to Edinburgh to study architecture and the secretary went to art school in Dundee. Aberdeen Street Skaters became passive, but everyone had learned from the experience, knowing that there are ways of communicating with the public as well as the authorities.

Public Obsticle

Obstacle, Broad Street (from exhibition flyer)

Watching a skate video

Crew members watching skate videos

Video installation

A Brief History of Grime, video by Alex Craig

Variety of broken decks

The Chairman's Broken Deck Collection

Watching a skate video

Video by skate crew Überblink

Our editorial office

CRAP AT ART editorial office

Gordon McIntosh at the meeting

Meeting w. council official Gordon McIntosh


Obstacle, ready-made skate sculpture

Various T-shirts

We Love You Lucky Bastard / A.S.S. on fire, Screen printed T-shirts, A.S.S. design