New Social Art School People - Andy Dobson

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ANDY DOBSON born in 1973, raised by bikers in Oldmeldrum, North East Scotland
Skate park designer, skateboarder, handy man

Involved with the New Social Art School from 2004 - 2007

Now lives and works in Vancouver B.C.

"Andy has a positive, cheerful perspective on life that is infectious to those around him. I have seen firsthand Andy working with young people from a diversity of backgrounds, encouraging them to develop the gifting and talents they have. Whether that is in a sporting context or helping the young people express themselves through the creative arts, Andy has the ability to connect with others and spark a positive "I can achieve this" attitude to life. As a school chaplain I know these positive qualities are invaluable if we want to see our often disenfranchised young people make the most of their lives."

James Duce, Pastor, City Church, Aberdeen